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Saturday, 26 January 2013

I've been seeing many pictures of necklace layering on instagram (if you follow dylanlex on instagram you will understand my new found obsession) and  I absolutely love the way it looks so this is my take on it. As I acquire more jewellery I'm sure I'll become a pro but I'm in love with chunky chains so I'll stick to the goth-glam look for a while! 
Top - zara
First chain - Zara
Middle chain - H&M Dubai but I've seen in the UK! 
Bottom chain - Zara


  1. I used to follow them, I did like them but I thought they got a bit much,
    Youre making me want to follow again!

    Love this baby, and you know the deal #borrow #borrow

  2. the necklace layering look is FIRE! I'm obsessed!


  3. This looks good. Kinda hard to tell that it isn't one necklace or maybe that's just my terrible eyesight. Love it!

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