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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Jena Theo ss/12

Seeing all the Pre fall is getting me so excited for AW13 fashion week. This is the stuff that gets me buzzing. Designer jena theo (who are actually two people. Jena and Theo) represented by goodley PR were right on trend. Their garments were orientated around soft prints and establishments that were to die for.  The laid back approach that came across with their garments was so attractive as it represented realism. During fashion week designers forget that even though their pieces are works of art, they have to be worn by functioning human beings! I think that's something that Jena and Theo understand which is why their pieces are so easy on the eye! There was nothing that I saw that I didn't like!

I managed to run behind stage to get some candid photos of the models, designers hair and make up. I was such a great experience as you could really see all the effort that goes into the shows. Also, the designers were so friendly and welcoming in explaining the vision and inspiration behind the collection.

Look, its Theo!

I am honetsly in love with the dress! Who wouldn't love this piece?


  1. The collection looks great, kind of reminds me of josh goot a little bit but what i really love is the orange eyeliner!


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