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Monday, 28 January 2013

Lipsinka shoes - Louboutin Advice

Hey guys! I wanted to do this post to show you my Louboutin lipsinka's in detail. I'm so in love with these shoes and I never really got to introduce them to everyone lol. I love shoes more than I love bags and clothes I think... I think.

I just feel like killer shoes can turn up ANY outfit if styled properly and I feel like investing in a pair of designer shoes is not a bad idea. Shoes CAN be timeless and last a very long while if treated with proper love and care so I think if you invest in a pair of designer shoes buy a pair of shoes that you will actually wear. I know so many people that buy expensive things and don't use/wear them which makes no sense at all. Material items are perishable and you're not going to die with them so enjoy them whilst you can.

I have 2 pairs of louboutins. 1 pair of nude patent 120mm pigalles and black leather 120mm lipsinka heels. Hopefully my collection will grow as time goes on and it is my birthday on saturday HINT INT NUDGE NUDGE.

Louboutin measure their shoes im millimeters (mm) so 120mm its about 4 1/2 inches which is pretty high for a shoe with no platform but I love how elegant they look! they do sell this type of shoe with a platform "Pigalle Plato" but I'm not the biggest fan!

If you really want a pair of pigalles or louboutins and you have the money for them buy them as soon as you can! Honestly they are so hard to find and you'll be so lucky to find your size. As louboutin isn't a mass production brand (and example of a mass production brand is Topshop. They produce thousands of the same item louboutin doesn't do this) finding your size in the style you want can can be hard and if you have big feet like me you will have trouble as most shops only get deliveries of one of each size per style.

Also, these pointy style shoes come up very big so you'll have to go a size down (I recommend trying them on first)

(I know I know, they need to be re-heeled)

This post may be irrelevant to some but some people have asked so I thought it would be nice to share. Have a great evening loves

MW x


  1. Not a fan of pointy shoes on myself but those shoes are lovely x

    A Blog by Oroma Roxella Rukevwe.

  2. I want a pair so bad. I think I will get a pair this year. In nude and black.

  3. I love love your blog but since this post it all about the shoe ain't you required to at least let us know the pros and cons. I will be lovely if you did that. And also did a review on pigalles as well. Thanks x

  4. So classic, you're right investing in designer shoes that you like is the best way to go.

  5. Love your post xxx Check out my Blog.


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