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Friday, 23 March 2012

I can even pronounce nothin' pass that ver-say-ceeeeee

 You know when you go into a shop on several occasions and once piece of clothing feels to follow you around. Trying to persuade you to buy it because it knows that you have enough money and 'why not?' and blah blah blah... Don't clothes talk to you guys? No? maybe I'm crazy but clothes talk to me and they usually have loads to say. Especially the printed and bold coloured ones they're loud as hell! LOL anyway, this shirt has been following me everywhere so I decided to allow it to follow me home. Its kind of versace-esque? Anyway we're best friends now!

The label says zara so I guess thats where its from! I plan to wear these with some pop coloured tailored trousers. You'll see...

I'm feeling much better since my last post! God has aliened me with very genuine and encouraging people who have really made me feel better about the situation! Glory be to God! Who knew that things could change over night!

John 18; 27 'And then he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God'

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MW x


  1. glad your feeling better - do your best, no one can ask anymore of you. and enjoy the last few months you have in uni! x

  2. aww loving this blouse so gorgeous <3 x

  3. OMG..i really want this so much is it? and can i get a link?

  4. nice blouse, loving the colors!


  5. hey anonymous!The blouse is £29.99 and you can by it online. Here's the link.

  6. OMG I love this blouse too, I had been eyeballing it for some time too! Your blog is amazing!

    Tolu from



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