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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

NEW IN! + Best and WORST MAC products

Hey guys! This is a beauty post! MY second one to be exact so I'm excited! Recently I wanted to try some new face wash products because I'm kinda bored and I wanted to branch out. As a child my mum always stressed me about having good skin and blaah blaaah blaah. It proper used to annoy me but now I thank her. Throughout my life I've always used exfoliation scrubs every morning. My mum used to by tonnes and tonnes from avon with the exfoliation sand in it and it was kinda minty. I hardly ever get spots and I personally think that such scrubs are not needed for every days used because they're kinda harsh. so I moved to olay that was great then on to nuetrogena or whatever its called and that was alright. So the other day I popped into MAC in Selfridges and got this

Most people actually don't know that MAC do face washes and other skin care products! This green gel was was £13-£14. I'm even angry because online, it says it is £7!! I've just checked now IMAGINE THE CHEEKINESS! Omds... anyway, this gel cleanser is very light, it foams up when added with water and it actually added sooo much moisture to my face. My skin is normal and I like it to glow when I put make up on but usually it doesn't unless I add an oily cream before I apply my foundation. With this cleanser, I don't really have to cream my face because it just makes my skin feel so soft and moist! I'm very happy with the purchase but I am NOT happy that I just got robbed by MAC.

 This gets a 8/10

I must be THE WORST person when it comes to taking off make up. Like I proper cannot be bothered then when I wake up in the morning I try to convince my self that I accidently fell asleep. HA. I bought this soap because using make up wipes alone is not poppin'! The lady at the MAC counter told me that make up wipes more so push the make up back into your pores rather than taking it all of so I need to wash my face. It sounded like she knew what she was on about but most of the MAC people are rude and don't know what they're talking about so... yeah. Anyway, like any bar of soap it is very drying to my skin. Like PROPER dry I cant even move my face so I use this first and the mac cleanser after. This cost me about £0.98p.

This gets a 6/10

I SWEAR BY this fix+ spray! I first bought this a year ago and have used it EVERYDAY since then. I spray this on my face before and after make up and during the day if my make up feels old. I feel like this spray makes my skin glow and compliments my make up so much! Its something like £13 but its worth it! Even when I don't wear make up I spray it on my face ask me why, I don't know! Nothing can compare to it not even the E.L.F one.

This is my other old bottle that I've hard for nearly a year and this is how much is left!

This daily brush cleaner. I'm so crap at cleaning my brushes so this helps a lot. I just pour some on some tissue and spread it on my brushes and you can use the brush straight after you've cleaned them. This is what the staff at MAC use to clean their brushes throughout the day. It was £7. The E.L.F daily brush cleaner doesn't compare to this one!

This gets a 9/10


This translucent matte gel. When I first got it I was like ayeeeee this is poppin' but low and behold it disappointed me! Make up makes my nose very oily I don't know why but it does so this gel is supposed to mattify you skin. It does that but my skin goes back to its oily self within an hour. Not only is that annoying but this thing has become crumbly in its container like... what is that about? crumbly gel? I don't get it? And, when I squeeze it bits of it fly everywhere?!?! As Eveyln from basketball wives said 'you aint about this life' and I AM NOT about this life with this gel. Wont be buying this again and I dont recommend it. My friend says milk of magnesia is good so ill try that. This was something like £12 - £14.

this gets a 2/10

Well guys I'm done! Sorry if I was a bit ghetto. I couldn't help it! Have a great day 
MW x


  1. i really wanna try the Fix+ ! and their face washes arent tht popular I guess I havent heard about it ever!

  2. Funny enough, I bought the matte creme matifiante and i actually like it lol. I can automatically see the difference when I apply it. It gives my face a nice soft finish and blends my make up well and makes it last longer. My face still gets a shiny, but not as much.

  3. No it didn't sound ghetto at all. Loved this post!

  4. you should try aveeno bar soap.its really moisturising and you can use it everyday to remove ya makeup :)

  5. The fix+ spray is the BEST!!

  6. oh thank you naomi! ah kyali you didnt lie! lol

  7. LOL. Love the fix plus spray too I actually have to hid it from my mum when she finishes hers its that good! you werent ghetto at alllll lol x


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