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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Blood Orange



These pictures are a clear illustration of my poor but very new editing skills! I've decided to editmy own photo's now as its definitely time efficient and I HATE having to rely on others to do the things that I desire so I guess this shields for a happy medium! I promise I'll get better! I really love how figure hugging this dress is. It compliments me in all the best ways and for an affordable (with heavy emphasis on the word affordable not cheap!) price how can I complain? Oh, I always find something to complain about. Zara, your prices are outrageous now. It's clear that you have no direct competitor on the high street and we do praise you for that. Trust me, the applause is loud enough but come on! Give us a break!! 
Dress - Zara
Shoes - Nicholas Kirkwood
Bag - AdRxHM


  1. your physique!!! just too fine! nice outfit as always.

  2. Love the look the dress really suites you
    Check out my blog

  3. i love that purse! so chic. and yes the dress really hugs your curves

  4. Melissa I love your style so chic and elegant. You have a new follower. Every outfit I would totally wear and I am totally inspired. As for Zara, I thought I was the only one seeing that, their prices are outrageous! Always patiently waits for their sales.

  5. Amen to the give us a break spiel. Honestly!
    Me & my bank account had to have words and now me & Zara aint so cool lol


  6. Hey! It's Samantha. What's your email again?

  7. Hey, you're so stylish. I'm loving your blog. I follow you on bloglovin. You could see mine, and if you like it, maybe you can follow me back! So that we could keeping up!

    Kisses from spain:

  8. This dress looks gorgeous on you, nice outfit!


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