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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

777 Etta Lashes

Hello guys! How are you? I was sent these eyelashes no too long ago and I just thought I would show you them. I usually wear eyelashes any time I have a full face of make up on and I love eyelashes that look natural but still have that glam eyelash look. 

This lashes are made from human hair which you can probably tell from how wispy they are. I love them because they're versatile enough so they will blend with your own eyelashes. When they time is right, I will do a video review/tutorial on the etta eyelashes so you can get a better visual representation of how will they blend with my own eyelashes.

The review/tutorial will be featured on my new website! Yes, Im moving domain. Even though the website HTML is pretty easy to remember, you will be re-directed when you type in the HTML anyway. 

I will have MUCH more to offer on my new website and it should launch by the end of the month (in jesus' name) and I will be posting more consistently on there if time permits me which I KNOW it will :)

to get these lashes email

Hope you and your families are well xx


  1. Can't. wait. for. the. new. site!

  2. Love these lashes they look so natural! Can' wait to see them on you!

    Tolu from FashinateMe x

  3. i think you mean URL, not HTML.


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