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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Ok guys just here to update you on new ventures and other things!

First off, I've started a tumblr!! IM SO EXCITED!! Purely because I absolutely LOVE tumblr and some of the pictures on tumblr is what actually inspired me to start this blogspot blog.

The link to my tumblr is;

I really don't know what I'm doing and my best friend is getting sick and tired of my "how do you?" phone calls so if any of you have a tumblr, please help me out! Also, give me you URl's so that I can follow you.

The URL is 'mels other wardrobe' and I want to change the title to that too but it just looks too bulky in that font!! how do I change the font?

ALSO, I have a new e-mail. Its You guys can literally e-mail me about anything and I reply to you messages as soon as I can!

Hope your having a good day peeps. Word to ya mutha!
see ya on the flip side *walks off*
MW x

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