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Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Guess what Mels gottttttttt?!?!?!

My parents bought me a mulberry bag for Christmas! IN YA FACE. Ok, I don't know who's face its in but I'm just excited!! My parents were mumbling something about it being my 21st birthday present as well as my Christmas present. ERM PARDON?!?! what the hell is that about? I'm grateful an all but that's not fair. Either way I'm happy. 

I love the way I've just plopped my new bag on top of the jimmy choo! Ha! Every bag has its 15 mins of fame.
Also, I though I'd share another picture with you that I posted on my tumblr. hahaha look at me!

I literally went to my mum's room and plonked all this stuff on my bed and took a picture. I love the contrast of colours! Orange, blue, champagne gold and a little brown bangle somewhere in the mix!


  1. congrats on the bag; it looks gorgeous! very jealous!

  2. Oh very nice! Me likey your new Mulberry and your parents! Do they adopt? lol

  3. I am soo completely jealous I want a bag! I got a lil purse over xmas tho,its very cute.
    congrats u lucky girl!

  4. loooool thank you everyone. ill ask my parents if theyre adopting looool


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