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Thursday, 8 December 2011

It's better than a centerpiece, It's a masterpiece.

So we just go a new computer. How cool? It's a IMac or whatever you have it. Obviously, as the opportunist that I am, I saw and open door and I ran through it. Unhypothetically speaking, I saw the IMac and I started taking pictures!

 I went to Paris in like 0.2 seconds. French people are proper nice. Qui, Qui. Bon, Bon. Croissant.
 Swimming with the fishes. I found Nemo. He says hi.
 Rolling on the coasterrrrrrrr.

I know you guys probably think im crazy. Thats cool as well. We can still be friends!
Im wearing Top - Urban Outfitters, Scarf - Alexander McQueen, Ring - TOPSHOP

Right, I'm off to eat some cod ala chips that I brought back from france BYE


  1. Hey thanks for your sweet comment! You look amazing in red lips!! And Macs are sooo great.. Im a new follower.. x

  2. why are you like this? loool

  3. loooool esther, come to my house so we can have some fun with the computer. don't be a hater boo x

  4. you have a gorge smile.

    J X

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