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Monday, 15 August 2011

LOOK AW11 Fashion show competition!!!

Sooo look magazine are hosting a competition for all fashion bloggers to win a chance to view their AW11 fashion show. Even though I may not be the most fashionable or "on trend" girl in the world, I would consider myself as a an impeccable style spotter. an everyone needs one of those ey?!?!

A few reasons why I think I should be chosen as a competition winner...
  • I'm such a funny friendly and welcoming person who will get along with the other winners.
  • I have a GREAT eye for fashion even though I wear glasses I can spot a great piece from a mile off.
  • I want to be givne the chance to network with individuals that I normally wouldn't have the chance to speak to on a normal day.
  • I want the look goodie bag! I'm sure its got great and very useful free stuff in it loooooool
  • I just think that it will be a great opportunity that can hopefully open alot of doors for me!
I think it will be more than amazing if I'm chosen to attend! I've already planned my reactions...

I've practically already won! I can already see myself in the front row now....
Hope you liked my blog entry! xx

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