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Friday, 26 April 2013

Oriental Silk

Hello guys how have you been? We have had such GLORIOUS sunshine in London and boy oh boy has everyone been enjoying it!  I absolutely soak in the hot weather I just enjoy it so much!

I think the weather can have such a big impact on your mood and we all know that our moods affect the way we dress. I for one am prime example of dressing according to my mood.

If I want to dress like a flower I will dress like a flower and I will be the best flower that ever did it. Beleeeee that!

With the hot weather I like to feel really completely comfortable so I try to wear things that don't cling to me too much. Also, due to England being such a temper mental country in terms of weather, I felt that it was more than necessary to drap my blazer over me. It can go from hot to cold in 0.10 seconds. Draping a blazer over your outfit is a good way to stay warm and stylish at the same time.

These silk trousers were perfect and very airy for the warm weather. I will be packing this ensemble on holiday with me! I'm going to the dominican Republic in the month of june for my annual 'best friend holiday' with Roberta. I think I'll vlog (video blog) everyday so you guys can get to see a bit of what we get up to. Would that be a good idea?

Have a good day guys!

Blazer - Zara (disregard the crinkles)
Blouse - Zara
Trousers - Zara
Necklace -Topshop
Clutch - Anna Dello Russo X H&M
Earrings - Anna Dello Russo X H&M
Cuff - Anna Dello Russo X H&M
Sunglasses - Anna Dello Russo X H&M
Belt - Moschino
Shoes - Christina Louboutin Nude Pigalle 120mm


  1. Gorgeous pants! I loVe it!

  2. Simply gorgeous
    love the contrast of the pants to the whole outfit
    love it


  3. Wow.
    Always on point.


  4. Love the outfit... You do know this got featured in this week's Look magazine!

  5. I added you to my blogroll . Please check it out


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