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Thursday, 6 December 2012

A Thousand Journeys

So I got the biggest surprise of my life! Most of you guys know I graduated in July & for a while I hadn't received a present from my parents. My step dad literally took my breath away when he emailed me my surprise.

 He had planned for me to spend 3 days in Dubai and then continue my journey for 7 days in Ghana. I have been begging to go to Dubai for ages! As my step dad has business partners there, he and my mother fly there 2/3 times a year and never take me and this time my dreams came true!

Going to ghana was another breath taker for me because most of those who follow me on twitter or know me personally know that my mum has now moved over to Ghana permanently as business is better there.

She moved August of this year and I havent seen her since which is hard for me as she's been here for all my 21 years on this earth! Anyway, I'm blessed to have such beautiful and thoughtful parents! Time to share some pictures of my journey!

 LOVE this perfume

 Stayed at the Emirates Grand Hotel

 This is what their tube station looks like


  1. WOW! Sounds like such an amazing experience.
    Your parents make ME wanna shed a thoughtful!



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