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Thursday, 27 September 2012

On to the next one

I'm selling my clothes guys! I've decided to sell some of my clothes because my style changes a lot. Even if you go through the whole of my blog you'll see that my style has evolved dramatically throughout a short space of time. It don't mean that I don't love these Items and I dont still want to keep them, its just that I have to make space for new friends. So far I have 10 items on ebay and a few more that I want to sell but ebay won't allow me to because I've gone over my monthly selling limit. All the other clothes I will be posting on my blog and if you're interested in buying them, send me an email on to let me know. Also, Sorry that I havent been blogging that much of late! It's just that I've gotten a styling internship and have been so focused on that and trying to build myself holistically  Hope you're all well and hopefully you'll hear from me soon!

The link for my ebay account

or type in melswardrobe24
Message Me!



  1. link is not taking me to your store and its not letting me search your user id :(

  2. I will defo have a look because I love your outfits. I've emailed you on your hotmail, not sure if you got it. X


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