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Saturday, 25 August 2012


 My new tiger skin shoes ^_^ yum


 The black sandals are new too but they were by force! You know when you buy something then you go over the return date then you have to exchange it for something that you dont need but there is no other option -_- I like them though but they're overpriced.

omds and RIP to the rainbow rack LOL I tried to hang something on it the other day and...

Then I tried to sellotape it together... how ghetto... As i was so proud of my self i rewared myself with food. I was chilling downstairs and hear GBB-GBA-GBA-GBA (if you're african im sure you can understand what this must sound like when interpreting it threw phonetics gba for gbemi or gbenga looooool) i went upstairs PARTY DONE! the rack had gully creeped to the left. I'm definitely going to buy a new one tomorrow.


  1. Beautiful shoes Melissa. I love your collection and colorful clothing items. Much love from Sweden. xx

  2. really d shoes :)

  3. lol @ Gba Gba! I feel u babe.
    Sorry abt ur rack...
    I love the shoes, fierce!
    And your clothes look positively edible :)


  4. Oh no. Sorry about your rack. RIP.
    Lol @ "GBB-GBA-GBA-GBA ". Lovely wedges. How high is the heel on them? xx

  5. So here I was feeling grumpy, then I stumbled upon your blog and see "GBA-GBA-GBA" LMAOOO.
    I'm in a goood mood now haha!..x

  6. those wedges are hot and you shoe collection is just as fierce

  7. ah ha ha ha so sorry for your rack but this happen to me too but mine was one of those closet you put together and I was about the 'gba gba gba' it wasn't so funny at that time but now i can laugh at myself!



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