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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Happy belated one year birthday to Melissas Wardrobe!

It was my blogs one year birthday on june 11th and I missed it. Well, since its been a year a lot has happened and my blog has matured as I have. I guess the nicest thing to do is to do a give-away but I want one that everyone can enter and not silly ones that are like

"Follow me on twitter -  tweet me 10 times"
"Follow me on bloglovin and tell all your mates"
"write the link of my blog on every social medium"
"why do you like my blog? Tell everyone you know"
"whats the earth's perimeter and how does it relate to fashion?"

LOL those give-aways are way too tiring and The truth is I don't want to do a give-away to promote more traffic on my blog I just want it to be something that my faithful readers can enjoy!
I just want it to be simple so please tell me if you have any suggestions!

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  1. you could get ppl to post the link to their favourite post/look of yours and get them to explain what they like about it in three words...just a thought lol x


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