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Sunday, 24 June 2012

Want to be a stylists assistant?

Hey guys. My style sister drey is in need to an assistant! I know a lot of you are interested in experience in this field and I would personally recommend applying. I work with drey a lot and she is very professional and easy to converse with. If you think you're perfect for this role, please email her at

Also, I know many of you ask me for experience as well (I'm trying to give everyone a chance) and I will post an add whenever I'm conducting projects because I'm always looking for assistants! I want to try and use a different assistant on every project so I am able to offer everyone the experiences that I once and still crave for. I do have one position available for JULY IN LONDON so please email me for the particulars at

Take note that audrey and I highly value reliability when it comes to assistants and we looking for those with good punctuality!


  1. melissa is that you?? info on outfit and hair pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

  2. no its not me its audrey i can get you hair info xx

  3. Hi just wanted to know whether this position is still available ?I know im veryyy late lol


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