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Saturday, 12 May 2012

Because birthdays are always fun...

So yesterday, I planned a surprised gathering for my friend! I spent the WHOLE day cooking for a small amount of guests but it was worth it in the end! My friend nearly didn't even come which nearly ruined the surprise but I was persuasive enough to convince her to come home and it was a success!

All these pictured of my friends are so embarrassing I know I'll get abused! The way the birthday girl dropped on the floor is beyond me! To be quiet frank, I never want to marinate chicken or ice a cupcake again! I'm over it... Until next time


  1. NAH! I am showing bare teeth! looooool.
    But this was a lavely one!

  2. this is so nice ..all that cooking looks lovely, such a nice thing to do for a friend.

  3. Girl in blue? Yvonne?


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