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Saturday, 14 April 2012

Style Card

Guy's finally I can tell you! I am an official blogger for style card.

What is style card?
Style card is a unique service which provides members with discounts across fashion-foward retailers from around the world! Our partner retailers vary from a large variety of brands. Obtaining the style card will allow you to attain up to at least 10% discounts on these brands!

What has style card go to do with Melissa? 
I will be blogging from the fashion portal displaying a list of whats in trend, whats stylish and how you can wear them! All the clothes that I blog about from the fashion portal will be available on discount when presenting you style card. My name is Stylist 101 so click HERE or search me to see my updates!

How can I get one?

Go on for more details! You must register first! 

Fun times!


  1. Congrats love. I've signed up to style card now.

    Can't wait for your updates x

  2. AH! So happy for you! That is bloody brilliant.


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