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Sunday, 29 April 2012

Called Melissa's Wardrobe but you aint ever see it

I've just realised that I've never done a blog post on what is inside my wardrobe! How can my blog be called "Melissas wardrobe" when it doesn't even live up to its name! Disgrace. Well, I took some pictures of my new buys and I've just realised that I left my memory card in Essex so I don't actually know how to transfer the pictures onto my mum's laptop!! Grrrr. So, here's a picture of my wardrobe that I uploaded to instagram via my iphone. I will try to figure out how to blog about my new buys and it should be up by Tuesday at the least!

It sort of resembles a shop! Disregard the top shelf. Mess city. I'm thinking to do a more detailed post on my wardrobe. Maybe a video? would you guys like a video? or just a regular post? let me know!
Hope you're all well!

MW x


  1. ur wardrobe is to die kinda oddly reminds me of celebrity ones...
    lurve it and defoo a video <3

  2. yes can you do a video of your wardrobe, that would be nice. love it!

  3. also, can you do a video or a post of what's in your bag? i think your the only blogger i know that has not done one, please

  4. Love the wardrobe! See a couple of things that I would like to grab and run

  5. MEL! remember that pic i sent you, this is similar to the wardrobe i want!

  6. loool ok guys ive taken note and rami we'll speak xx


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