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Saturday, 25 February 2012

From MAC to Chanel

I bought some Chanel make up for the first time today! Well not the first time because the first time was a gift but this is the first time I bought it for myself. First of all, let me start off with the fact that it was not cheap (as expected) the Rouge coco lipstick was £23 (let's not mention it again) and the foundation was £36. Since I work for the JLP I managed to snag myself  25% discount off of these products so it brought it down to a mere £44 or so. Either way.. its not cheap.

I usually use mac NW45 studio fix foundation but I don't know if they've changed their formula but I hate it. It no longer blends into my skin it literally just sits there like some watered down clay. Whenever I apply it I can always see the brushstroke like WHAT THE HELL! I even use MAC brushes so its obvious that the foundation is the problem.
 I'm crazy in love with this foundation already. I think out of the two this was most worth it because from a little pump, so much coverage is achieved! It's so vivid like I cant even describe. Also, unlike MAC you DONT have to pay for the pump it comes with it! Basically the foundation and I are getting married. I'm signing the papers as we speak! It is definitely worth it I suggest everybody invests.
I wanted a hot pink lipstick but I'm having the huge lips and hot pink on huge lips ain't cute so I had to get a lipstick that performs well colour and shine wise. I cant use anything too shiny or potent so this was actually a great option. I'll soon take a picture of it on my lips. Is it worth £23 definitely NOT but experience is knowledge!

There is LOADS of writing on this post but I don't usually type loads so I hope y'all aint mad! have a lovely evening

MW x


  1. I've got that foundation an it is so worth the money :D if you want to purchase chanel lipsticks I would suggest checking out EBay first. You can get genuine Rouge coco lipsticks for about £14.00


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