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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Even if its not that nice!

I'm trying to make my blog posts a little more frequent these days. I hate when I go on blogs and they've updates four times a month like what the hell! that I get all angry and stuff and just want to scream! Well that was a bit dramatic but maybe that show you guys must feel? We'll I'm not a hypocrite so I should do as I favour.  Even my best friend (whom I live with at university) calls my phone asking me where my blog posts are! Yep, PHONECALLS!! I aint even playing. Yeah so What I'm trying to say is that even if I dont think my outfit is that great, I'll try to do a blog post on it anyway. WIN WIN! great ok enough taking...

Scarf (worn on head) - Alexander Mcqueen
Jacket - H&M
Leather gillet on top - Topshop
Tshirt - Topshop
Leggings - Topshop
Wedges - Primark

everything that I wear on my arms I wear everyday so see previous posts!



  1. Lol I hate when bloggers do that as well, but then again I do it myself :S, but like you trying to blog more during the week...x

  2. Yeah io know right! Its really bad! im going to start bloggin more asap


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