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Saturday, 7 January 2012


I cant get the picture to rotate! ARGH I so can't deal right now.

Shoes - Topshop
These are some of the new things I got today. The others were acting up in terms of picture lighting and whatever so I'll probably do and outfit post of them later on. The clutch bag was actually a gift from my best friend Roberta! Doesn't it remind you of the famous Lu Lu guiness one? Anyway I'm in love! Thanks B. The last are just some black slippers I purchase in the Topshop sale. They were seriously as cheap as chips! Think about your meal from the chippy being about £5? Do you get my drift? I need some black shoes and these ones were more exiting that the usual so I scooped them!

Also whilst In Robert'a room I was having shoe envy over her Louboutins.

I know I see them all the time but BLEUGH! I will not stop this envy until I get my own which I'm hoping will  be very soon COUGH COUGH WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE

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  1. I love the slippers. Getting ready to hit the shops myself!


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