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Friday, 13 January 2012

FASHION DESIGNER FEATURE: Lewis Duncan-Weedon / LDW Atelier

Hello guys and dolls! Sorry I haven't posted much lately! As I mentioned before my last year of uni is really torturous and I'm having a hard time trying to keep up with everything that is going on in my life! Enough of the moaning!!

This blog post is actually about a very talented designer that I Interviewed! Lewis Duncan-Weedon is an extremely experimental designer who's fashion line is orientated around class, sophistication and the unseen. His flamboyant designs are nothing less that eye catching master pieces! I'm one for usual fashion so maybe that why I love his work. I use such descriptions when  referring to some of his amazing head pieces, evening dresses and cocktail rings! I recently go the chance to interview him gathering information about who he is and where his line derived from! Have fun reading!!

How and when did you establish your brand/collection? My ldw brand is around 2 years old now. After working for others I decided to set up the label to do what I love most! How many collections have you produced so far?
I've shown for the last 2 year twice a season for lfw. (London fashion week) What would you say are the orientations around your S/S12 pieces?
S/s11. Was a mix of st tropez and bollywood. French style is a huge part of ldw atelier and the bollywood came about after dressing a client for a bollywood movie and loved beading, fabrics and colour. Do you have or are you yet to construct a set of "ready to
wear" pieces?/Where can your pieces be purchased?  Currently, the couture is only privately sold from my atelier. We will be expanding this year and looking for a atelier within central London and will expand this with a ready to wear line and may look to stock some exclusive boutiques. How would you describe you brand in a short sentence? 
The brand is about dressing pure glamour chic and showing a real woman’s shape. How would you describe you own personal style in a short sentence?
My personal style is about being. Chic and elegant with a twist. French style plays a huge part of my style as well as the labels Did you always want to be a fashion designer?/Did you enrol in any
fashion courses, degree's or internships or did you build your own foundation? yes I have studied fashion art and design but my grandmother and great grandmother were. Fashion/wedding dress designer. And my mothers father was a millener. So I learnt mostly from my grandmother. Who is my style icon and was a amazing designer. She taught me how to Not use patterns. Fashion is my blood. So yes I can't picture doing anything else Do you have any words of wisdom for future designers, stylists or anyone else that is interested in fashion?
(My advice would be to)Work hard always follow your vision don't defer if someone else is not doing the same. Be unique. And be elegant and grateful. as so many talent people don't always make it

and the designer himself...

I will be attending Lewis' S/S12 Fashion show so keep the look out for the nest post!!

Have a great day guys!! x 

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