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Monday, 30 January 2012

Fashion and comfort hardly ever coincide...

Today all everyone was asking me was "Aren't you cold?" don't they understand that its not about being warm its about looking good *sniffles*

Then my best mate came and we decided to dance! we're so weird we definitely have to make a video for you guys!

I'm no an alchi! its my birthday on thursday guysssssss are we excited? I'm turning 21 I feel so old  *sigh* 

I'm having a house party and have invited loads of people so we will drink in moderation and celebrate my life!
Jacket - Zara
Dress - River Island
Boots - Alexander Wang
Bag - zara
Necklace collar - Topshop


  1. Why am I friends with you please? You and the other one

  2. drink in moderation??? bishhhh we drankinnnnn like fish in this mofo....G dottttttt

  3. the jacket is so gorg!!!1
    do stop by my blog

  4. go away anon lool thanks lavanya i will

  5. love your style, you look like u could model, what is your height? Happy B-day in advance.

  6. I tried on that jacket just yesterday. It did NOT look nice on me lool
    Looks good on you though!


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