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Friday, 30 December 2011

Too much of everything...

People always tell me I have too much of everything. Too many shoes, bags clothes... I don't get it? whats the problem? are they mine or yours? I hate when people say stupid things like that. I may have and want all these nice things but I believe I do have substance to me. Im not full of air! I haven't got any outfits to show you but I will show you some pictures of the things that I'm lovin'

I am LOVIN' my new orange feradora! I picked it up at the topshop sale. Everyone thinks im crazy for buying it  but I guess thats the best impression to leave on people. Crazy = FEARLESS and thats what I wanted to be perceived as. Well in terms of the way I dress anyway.

Turquoise Stole - Topshop NEW!
Orange Feradora - Topshop NEW!
Black Tribly - H&M
Maroon and Tan Hats - Primark
Aurbergine Feradora - Topshop
Royal blue tribly - Forever 21
Navy tribly - Zara NEW!

Interlinking cuff - primark
Tribal cuff- Primak
Dented cuff - Primark
Ring - Ebay NEW!
African style earings - Topshop

Well, I hope you guys are having a good day whilst I spend mine tidying my house and tweeting! 
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Have a good day!


  1. People will always say that when it comes to someone else. my reply everyone has something they love, yours might not be clothes and accessories but it may be something else! Stay Fly!!!

  2. omg those hats GIMME!!

    J x

  3. we can share jen!! thanks you AG xx


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