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Friday, 16 December 2011

The DIRTY cheek of Primark

 So, as I finish work i made my way to Primark. I came across my hat but... it was half price! the dirty cheek of Primark! Why is it half price? furthermore WHY didn't they inform the previous buyers of this hat? silly people anyway, I bought it in tan hahahahah jokes on THEM. In your face Mr.Primark.

Anyway I got these cute arm jewellery to make up for the anger that is instilled within me. These days im just angry at everything and everyone. It's not a nice place to be. 

Have a good evening guys
MW x


  1. Loool don't we all hate that..I also bought that cuff from primark. lovely!

  2. Great buys! And oh sorry, I would miss painting my nails.. haha xx

  3. Hey! Just letting you know I've featured you on my blog recommendation page here

    Take Care x

  4. Great buys!

    Loving ur blog&following x


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