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Friday, 23 December 2011

The calm after the storm...

THE BAD PART IS; Christmas shopping is BEYOND ME!! I have never felt so stressed in my L I F E. Exams don't even stress me out like the way I was stressed yesterday. It all started when my guy and I went Christmas shopping. In my head I was thinking 'In and out Mel, rush in and out' When it actually came down to it? Only jesus could save me. At one point I broke down and had a panic attack in front of a pub because a particular present was out of stock nation wide! hahahaha. In the end, I ended up with reasonable alternatives but I don't know if I will ever be able to do last minute Christmas shopping again!

THE GOOD PART IS; I scooped myself some bargins along the way!

Necklace - Topshop £10
Boots - Topshop - £36

iI never really like to disclose the amount I pay for items but I will for these two purely because they were so cheap. The necklace used to be £20?!?! I don't know why costume jewellery is so expensive like what the hell? The boots are my all time FAVE! they're real leather as well. Just so comfy IM IN LOVE!

Topshop has my heart right now! I mean, look at their trilby and feradora collection! LOVE at its peak.

Well guys, never say never but I doubt I will be blogging until after Christmas. It sounds so long away but It's literally in two days! Even though I'm not in the Christmas spirit, I bid you all well. Eat, enjoy your families and encourage love everywhere you go! I sound like a hippy hahaha



MW xx

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