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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Take a walk with me...

Today I had to walk to uni which I was not happy about. Every time I saw a bus drive but I was yelping with pain. HAHAHA talk about dramatic. It looks like I'm having fun but I'm not!! 
 The sky was so pretty...
 And so were the leaves...
I'm wearing Hat - Topshop, Jumper dress - Topshop, Ribbed tights - Primark, Jacket - Forever 21, Bag - zara, Boots - Ugg...Yes Ugg
I don't know where all Eugenia's stuff is from but anything your interested in post a comment!


  1. hey what uni do u go to and what do u study?

  2. I got to university of Essex and study criminology and social psychology MW x


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