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Thursday, 24 November 2011

So today I went to Stratford Westfields in search of... everything? Hahahaha I question my sanity sometimes. Anyway, you guys know I CANNOT resist high street pieces so its no doubt that I came home with a few.

Trilby - Forever21 This hat is actually navy but my flash made it look royal blue. Trying on hats made me realise how small my head is. Hardly any of them fit!
  Forever21 - So many people are constantly complaining about me not wearing earrings! We'll, here we are...
  Forever21 - Love this banana shaped ring!
  Forever21 - Self explanatory, I've been in love with collar necklaces since waaaaaaay back when.
 Primark - Such a dainty little scarf, can't wait to drape it on top of a simple blazer or white shirt!
Primark - These earrings reminded me of something that would normally be considered as vintage. I don't usually buy things like this but I guess it's best to try everything once!

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