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Monday, 31 October 2011

Spot the difference!

I came on to campus last week to find that my mate was sporting a similar outfit to my own! Which one do you think is me? I think a dedicated MW reader would know. Also there is a VERY obvious clue in the post below! Leave a comment below! x


  1. You are the one in the blue jeans! - My guess, is only because I know that you lady are pretty tall! haha. I hope I'm right..if not SHAME. ON. ME! lol.

    love you girlie


  2. you're absolutely right baby girl! where have you been on twitter???!!!! I miss you hun xxxx

  3. You're daddy longlegs on the left. Who's on the right?

  4. Stewpid unnaaaaa! Why are you so mean? It's Eugenia! And where were you today? Lav ya like you love dried apple looooooool granny xx

  5. Looool you said like dried apple. Respect me.


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