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Saturday, 15 October 2011

The modern day Dorothy...

How bold are these sparkly bad boys from Topshop?!?! I love them but they're definitely a flash trend... worth the asking price of £80? Hmmmm decisions...


  1. This shoe encompasses all what is fun with women’s fashion. High heels and sparkly, they are more like a modern day Cinderella shoe. I’m sure they sold out of Topshop very fast. Did you manage to get a pair for yourself?

    Well done, keep up the tremendous work on your blog.

  2. Your definately right but I think that If the shoe was one made out of plexiglass or a see through material such as a hard plastic then I could be admitted that there is an evident association with all the characteristics and connotations of a cinderella inspired shoe. Since this one is glittery I think its more glittery dorothy. It's just my opnion but I think your opinion is still extremly valid! I'm yet to check out your blog so i'll do that shortly! MW x

  3. I was thinking about the dorophy association, but for me above all dorophy's shoes were and will always be red.

    The Cinderella comparison is in part due to the fact that this is a single shoe and shiny. The one obvious difference is the material, as we both know must be glass.
    Regardless of the fairy tale character, which wasn't meant to be taken literally, I agree nonetheless that this is a great shoe.


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