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Monday, 5 September 2011

Rayjeweled beauty!

Whenever I spot talent I always like to highlight it which explains why I'm doing a blog post on Rayjeweled beauty!! Rayjeweled beauty is an amazing beauty company that offers a diverse range of beauty services and other items. Each piece or set of jewelry maybe similar to each other but no two are exactly the same as they are hand made with different products. Raychial (the founder and jewelry designer) says: "I aim to please customers so customers can pick various styles and colours that best suits what they want."

(I love these earrings! they remind me of the ones that Evelyn Lozada and Jennifer Williams wear in BBwives!!)
Contact Details: 07904403460
Blackberry Pin:2160EC10 or fb page: rayjeweled beauty or rayjeweled beauty
Twitter: @rayjeweledbeautour 
(studs are 5pounds and our earrings are from 6pounds our new range of necklaces are from 9pounds)
What do you think? xx

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