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Monday, 19 September 2011

Ok I dont really wear heels on a daily basis. Usually because people always comment on my height and say I'm too talk or whatever but this winter, I'm really putting all that behind me because I've always wanted to wear heels casually.So with that in consideration I have been on a highstreet hunt to find the most versatile pair of ankle boots to see me through the season.

 I was on kim kardashians stylist's blog (
And I saw her post a picture of these HOT BEBE boots

They're so hot but why are they that price? $159 (£101). Boots like these should not exceed £80 so I'm looking for boots just a similar on the highstreet but I'm yet to find any that come close. They all have something on them that puts me off.
Please,If you see anything similar, post them in my comment box or send me and email with the link (
Grrr I hope I dont end up buying the BEBE ones.
Hope everyone had a nice evening xx


  1. 1) from River Island although there isn't much price difference at £95 and they are suede

    2)these are from Mango they are not as nice but they are priced at £89.90

    3)these are from New Look and are suede, the black version of these would show up on the internet for some reason but you may see them in store.. they are £74.99

    4) these are from Topshop, they are suede but they are lace up, so I do not know if you'll like them but they are £75

    5) initially I thought these were black but they are grey suede,but thought i'd post the link anyway.. they are also £75

    6)I found these on Urban Outfitters for £120, they are my favourite and if i stumble across a cheaper price I will notify you, as they are more expensive than the BeBe ones

  2. OMG whoever you are you're a saint!! I saw the topshop ones in the shop (5) and they are really gun metal grey but they're hot!! im IN LOVE with the urban outfitter ones you posted ahhhhh thank you so much!! thanks anon lol xx

  3. your welcome, glad I could help :-) xo


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