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Monday, 26 September 2011

Melissa's Wardrobe Autumn/Fall update

So today I teamed up with Roberta to do a bit of retail therapy. Well, it wasn't really therapy it was torture lugging around bags whilst in desperate need of the loo (lavatory for the american's) Anyway, even though I made some very hard and responsible decisions I'm quiet happy about the purchases that I made... Enough talking.... on to the pictures!

Necklaces from forever 21 are soooo cheap!! no more than £6 each

This is another picture just to show the details of the necklace I previously posted. Its double paneled so they kinda overlap each other.

Roberta was bugging me to buy this hat! I wasn't to sure at the beginning but after an hour of us being in the shop I fell in love with it. It's a suede purplish/beetroot trilby (sorry about the rubbish picture) - Topshop

So I got a ANOTHER PAIR of leather panel leggings. I know, I know greed is a sin but they're just so comfy and they're longer than my other ones so they get a A+ for that alone. - Topshop

A close up picture of the leather panels.

A burgundy slouch jumper. - Topshop

So ecstatic about these black boots! They seriously feel like Ugg's and they are so comfy ahhh my new babies. - Topshop

I literally grabbed this skirt as I was leaving the changing room. It's really cute and I hardly wear skirts so this will be perfect for winter.  - Topshop

It has cute leather paneling, a gold zipper at the back and pockets at the front.

Simply black patent brogue's. - Primark

And that is it! I hope you're all we'll. MW x

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