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Sunday, 4 September 2011

'Cause baby its cooooold outside!

This blog post will be one that will be mainly orientated around winter clothes! As I've mentioned before winter is my favorite season because of the clothes that come with it. Most of the item's that I'll blog about today will be from Reason being because my readers are from all over the world so it would be nice for the clothes I blog about to be accessible to everyone! 

asos12 by Mels24

1. Fantasy fur colour lapel £25-  buy it HERE
2. Bright Intarsia knit snood £20 - buy it HERE
3. Faux fox fur coat £70 - buy it HERE
4. Aztec pattern coat £100 - buy it HERE
5. ASOS AFRICA oversized pocket detail cape coat £75 - buy it HERE
6. Blanket cardigan £45 - buy it HERE
7. Tribal knitted cardigan £102 - buy it HERE
8. wet look jeans £45 - buy it HERE

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