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Friday, 12 August 2011

well isn't that just great!

A perception view of under my umbrella.... why does London have such crappy weather.? sun for 3 days rain for 5?!?! can you just decide or send us emails so we all know what to wear! SO inconsiderate I tell you...


  1. Hey btw I think your pictures still aren't very big because of the blogger profile you've chosen. If you change your theme to something else with a larger section for content (I hope this is making sense) the pictures will be bigger. As it is the size of the pictures are constrained by the size of this dotted section! (you can change this in html by increasing the px). If you notice on other blogs they don't have this boxed section and if they do, they're alot wider... Hope this helps!

  2. aww thanks! im gonna get my bro to have a look! xx


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