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Tuesday, 23 August 2011

There is NO EXCUSE

For the men of 2011 to be looking scruffy when H&M practically does everything for you for an affordable price. H&M's men range are like jigsaw pieces. Extremely versatile in the sense that you can mix and match most if not ALL of their range.

Parker jacket - £59.99, Boots - £29.99  Buy and get this look HERE <<<<

Jacket - £49.99, Cardigan - £24.99, Chino's - £19.99, Denim shirt - £19.99, Bag - £29.99 
Buy and view this look HERE <<<<

As I said..... NO EXCUSE!!


  1. LOL 'there is no excuse' its true...esther

  2. NO EXCUSE!! I hope people get the point!


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