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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Once you use MAC you'll never go back...

Two new products : Shimmer blusher - 'Love Joy' Translucent matte gel - 'matte creme matifiante'
All my make up is from MAC and I must say that I haven't found another make up brand that caters to my needs as well as MAC does. anyway... I have a problem with my nose.. this sounds dumb but its gets so oily so i bought this mattifying gel and i must say that trying it on my hand it seems like it does wonders! i just bought this blusher because my mum gets fed up of me using hers but i usually use a creme blusher called 'laid back' do you use MAC products? whichs ones? x


  1. I may pick up the gel as I have the same problem!


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