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Thursday, 7 July 2011

Clothes haul! (requested by kiki)

Right so obviously I've been shopping again! I've returned a lot of stuff so i could buy this new stuff. I have a habit of buying stuff I DONT NEED and try to convince myself that I do. But lately it hasn't been working because I've learnt how to say no! (be proud)
I FINALLY GOT A SUNHAT THAT I LIKE!! Sunhat - Primark, Black levi shorts - Vintage Store, High waisted Levi jeans - vintage store, Black clutch - Topshop (Marc B) Blue top - Primark, Burnt orange and tan playsuit - Primark, Orange wedges - Topshop. Ill be blogging about my experience to the vintage store on brick lane.


  1. YAY!!! You did the post!! Woop!

    (proud of you for saying NO btw! hehe xx)

    And glad that you got a sunhat you finally like...I wasnt too fond of the one you got from asos either...) Loving the blue top and the burnt orange and tan playsuit!!! Gorgeee! Primark are really doing it this summer!! love it!!! xxxx

  2. yeah i returned the other hat today... it really wasn't cute. Primark is just great right now!


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