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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

style spotting in London

I'm so blessed and cursed to live in London LOL Whenever I'm out i take the opportunity to style spot. Here are some pictures of people I saw and some displays I saw through shop windows. I find it so amazing when I see the lengths visual merchandisers go to make their displays memorable!


  1. Hey chick, I just remembered about your blog and decided to track it down (I'm the girl in the first pic).
    Anyway, your blog's looking good, keep at it and get yourself on bloglovin and IFB!!
    I'll post a link to your blog on mine tomorrow when I do a post :)

    Zee xx

  2. awwww hey! I didn't even know you had your own blog! Thanks for the compliment. I am on bloglovin but I don't know how to put it on my page :s Im new to all this lool. I'm deffo gonna follow you. xx

  3. Hahaha, i'm useless at that stuff too but it's really easy. You just go on Account> Widgets Choose the one you want and then click 'Get this icon'. It links to your blog. Simple.
    Thanks love xx

  4. you should have got the guys number 3rd person x

  5. loool his english wasn't very good. He was a bit baffled at me asking to him to take his picture so I left it at that.


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