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Thursday, 30 June 2011

The Lion King

I went to watch the Lion king with my bestie Roberta!. We had such a good time and the harmonizing and dancing was great. There were a few annoying parts but we'll let that slide. 
Roberta is wearing... Biker Jacket - Bershka, Maxi - H&M, Bag - Longchamp, Sandals - River Island
Today I wore... Blazer - Bershka, Top - H&M, Jeans - Topshop, Necklace - Topshop, Clutch - Primark, Shoes - Topshop 
I hope you all had a good day too Xx


  1. Hey Melissa, you mentioned on your blog that you were 5"11. I was wondering what size you are and what you do in terms of work because you seem to be blessed in the money department LOL.

    I hope you are having a great day and everything I've seen so far looks good! Keep it up!

    Tina x (btw ignore the urbanFairy blogspot as i havent used it in years lol)

  2. Hey Tina! How are you? In terms of shoes I wear size uk 8/ uk 7 but mostly an 8. And in terms of work I'm a cashier a waitrose supermarket. I get good money which is why I have so much stuff! do you have a blog other than the one you told me to ignore? thanks for the complement gorgeous! xx

  3. Hey Melissa! Im good thanks! oh cool, I was just wondering because I am 5"11 too! Im am also size 8 shoes but when it comes to clothes i can range from 8-12 (sometimes 14 when my bum decides to make me cry) how about you? Oh well done you! Its good to know that fashionable people like yourself arent going into debt doing so. I kind of have one but its still in the making atm but you can have a look:

    Thanks babe x

  4. Loool that means were very similar cause I'm like that with clothes too. Yeah I guess working is a good means to an end but I'd mug rather sit in my house loool x

  5. Erm yea so Bertie looks live. That's my boy!

  6. thanks on her behalf! hope your ok.. i was actually planning to text you... but I know you think im lying lol


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